Fernando José Corbacho Abelaira
Chief Executive Officer

The creation of Cognodata was a great challenge, at a time in Spain when customer analytics was unknown. Some 15 plus years later, I can proudly say we have successfully achieved replicating our business in other countries and achieved growth, which we share with our customers.

Founding Partner and member of the Board of Directors, he is currently Corporate General Manager. In addition he heads innovation and evolution for Cognodata Group, going from Customer Analytics into Customer Science, Big Data, digital transformation and Machine Learning.

In the past he has successfully managed Customer Science projects, collaborating on defining marketing strategies tailored through customer segmentation, and campaign plans designed according to business objectives.

Additionally he has actively participated in the Cognodata Group Foundation and has been key for diversifying. For instance the creation of Tinámica Company, the MBIT School, as well as internalization by opening the Mexico City office.

He has over twenty years of experience in R+D+I, especially in the development of Intelligent Systems and over 70 publications in prestigious national and international journals and has lectured at various technology conferences worldwide. He lectures regularly at several worldwide technology conferences on Machine Learning issues, Big Data and other innovating issues.

Fernando has a PhD. In Computer Science and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence by the University of Southern California, and is Honorary Research Professor at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.