Cookies Policy

Through the present letter we inform the user that this web page uses cookies, a concept used to talk about alphanumerical identification sent to your computer hard disk through its web browser with the objective that our systems may recognize your web browser and offer it certain services, like adds based on the user´s interests, additionally simplifying his web surfing through the web page. The cookie can only be read by the website that sent it to the personal computer, it is not an executable file and it cannot contain or pass a virus.

More specifically, this web uses the following types of cookies:

User cookies

Advertisement cookies

  • __utma: is created in the first visit to a site from that web browser. It is used to identify the one time visits and it updates with each browse. Expire date: 2 years from the last entry.
  • __utmb: is used to take control of the current user´s session. When a cookie is found when loading a webpage, it is updated. If it does not find it, it creates a new one and considers it a new session. It expires 30 minutes without any updates, in turn the lasting session in GA is for 30 minutes. This value can be modified with the function _setSessionTimeout().
  • __utmc: does not have an expiration date, it is deleted when you close your web browser. It is used in combination with __utmb to determine if the current visit must be considered as a new session. If a user is visiting our site and closes the web browser, __utmc will be deleted but
    __utmb will remain. If the user returns to our site, even before those 30 minutes, the absence of __utmc indicates it must be handled as a new session, even though __utmb has not expired yet.
  • __utmz: will include a referral of our visitors, meaning, how do our readers reach our web. This cookie will signal us if the source of our web traffic is direct traffic (by directly introducing the URL), a referring site (a link to our web from a different web page), a search engine or advertisement campaign. It keeps track of the number of visits to the site. It expires, by default, six months from its last update.
  • ASPSESSIONID, Visitor login session: used to register your session; it is not intrusive nor does it maintain a registry between visits or in diverse web sites.
  • PHPSESSID: is used to find if you have visited our web site from your web browser´s current session, aiming to remember the selected preferences from the previous visit, for example, the accessibility settings regarding the font size and the selected language for the site. It is deleted once the session is closed.

In accordance with entry into force of the Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, we inform specific data which may contain cookies will be handled in all cases in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection. Additionally, if the user does not wish the installation of cookies he may address the “Help” button on the Menu bar of his web browser to change the settings so it does not accept cookies, or click directly on one of the following links depending on which of the following is your web browser:

For Internet Explorer:

For Safari:

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

For Opera:

For Android:

For Windows Phone:

For Blackberry:

Otherwise we understand that the user has consented freely, unequivocally, specifically, and informed of its installation. In any case, the option of uninstall is ill advised in order to continue receiving the most precise data which allows improving the content and adapting it to the user´s preferences. Therefore COGNODATA does not take responsibility if cookie disablement prevents the correct functioning of the page.