Financial Services

The financial services industry is transforming. New Fintechs focus on the most profitable niches, Big Data allows new business opportunities, sales channels and service need reinvention. Cognodata, specialists in Customer Science will help you increase sales in digital and traditional channels, manage potential customers experience in order to catch, link and hold new segments of greater value.

We specialize in Machine Learning applied to business and we help financial institutions to lead the changes of the market in a profitable way.

Consumer Finance

Innovation and consumption growth is generating business improvements in the double digits.

  • Campaign lab and management through events for new customer onboarding, develop and reactivate customers
  • Identification of niches and partner loyalty for durable and self assured growth and stability
  • Digital sales and funnel optimization for specific products
SME and Business

We have demonstrated that business management based on analytics can convert this segment in the most profitable and strategic of retail banking.

  • Industrialized recruitment and onboarding to accelerate the acquisition of profitable customers
  • Sales management by events, in traditional and digital channels, with an improvement of the customer experience approach
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning applied to transactionality, unstructured and external information to increase sales productivity dramatically
Personal & Private Banking

Personalized management given at offices or with remote managers continues being key in order to win the battle for the best customers.

  • Implementation of Customer journeys to improve customer experience and level of engagement
  • Take advantage of social media to multiply the intake of high value customers
  • State of the art portfolio management coordinated with omnichanneling
Massive Market

Industrialization based on analytics and digitalization is key for serving in a profitable way to a segment that is the epicenter of transformation that the sector is living.

  • Highly efficient multichannel sales management, with significant increases in productivity
  • Massive development of analytics and events with Big Data and Data Science technology
  • Precise management for taking advantage of all Big Data information
  • Marketing Digital Automation Services implementing Customer Journeys of sales and service
Insurance Banking

The specialized approach to insurance at Cognodata is converted into a differential one, in order to develop and reach its full potential of the business.

  • Precise management of pricing with Big Data information for customer retention and cross-selling
  • Increase in commercial productivity of insurance sales through the bank network and remote managers
  • Conversion of customer information to analytics that allow to potentiate value and profitability
Payment Methods

The transformation of payment methods is going to come at dizzying speed, with the entry of new players and business models. Cognodata can help you take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Platform of Integrated management for the cloud acquired business
  • Industrialized cards management based on the customer cycle of engagement
  • Integrated business dashboard with advanced visualization techniques

In the long term, Fintechs will transform the sector of financial services in ways we cannot even imagine. In the short term, new players to lay the foundation of Big Data Analytics that allows them to accomplish their objectives.

  • Development of an informational Big Data Analytics environment, and CRM in digital environment
  • Intake of high value customers through Machine Learning applied to programmatic advertizing
  • Development of analytic areas and implementing methodologies for agile work
Never before had we lived in a period with greater opportunities and risks in this industry under transformation.
“The great battle for the customer starts today… The financial institutions have analytical means without precedent to foresee the customers needs which are each time getting more demanding, they don´t tolerate indiscriminate sales actions”

Raúl García Monclús
Senior partner for the Financial Services and Insurance practice


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