The insurance industry confronts important challenges affecting profitability, portfolio allocation and customer loyalty. Big Data and digitizing allow for a more segmented customer management and a larger sales productivity. It is also possible to realize a more robust and precise price management while simultaneously improving internal processes and reducing fraud.

Cognodata assists in the creation of new management methods applied to the business based on Big Data Analytics, which allow significant increase of profitability.


The amount and quality of information allows insurance companies to design actions that are more precise and efficient at incrementing sales and improving customer experience.

  • Plan for commercial operations and implementation through marketing automation and customer experience optimization
  • Optimization of digital capture through models of attribution, simulation and optimization
  • Development of customer and product intelligence with Machine Learning techniques

The digital transformation we are living, as well as the new consumer profile who interacts through non traditional channels also impacts insurance entities, where a network of agents confront new challenges: new capabilities, use of digital tools, targeted campaigns, multichanneling, etc.

  • Industrialization and automation of sales activity
  • Omnichannel sales model, to take advantage of the new digital channels in a synergic way
  • Optimization of direct networks, optimizing contacts and protocols with the objective of increasing productivity
Actuary and Operations

The information accumulated from all customer interactions through different channels and the Machine Learning techniques allow getting greater levels of efficiency for the management of customer value and operations efficiency.

  • Advanced pricing models for optimal capture, renewal and value
  • Detection and reduction of customer fraud and of collaborators with Big Data Analytics techniques
Transformation is necessary to maintain profitability and loyalty of customers portfolios
“Investing in the capture, loyalty and the management of customer value using Machine Learning is no longer optional. Insurance companies that will be leading the future are already taking great steps in that direction”

Raúl García Monclús
Senior partner for the Financial Services and Insurance practice


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