Public Sector

At Cognodata we think that the citizen/customer must be at the center when it comes to strategies and business policies and public administrations.

Hence, we concentrate on current worries in the industry such as taking advantage of new technological opportunities (Big Data, IoT, GIS, etc), digital transformation, or service level improvement, introducing the citizen/ tourist/ patient/ customer vision.

We offer support, to administrations and public companies, for the process of generating those initiatives, define the most efficient roadmap, and in all their implementation of the mentioned improvements.

Our challenge consists in delivering measurable results in concrete terms of resources, citizen/customer value and revenue generation.

Public Companies
  • Strategy and digital transformation, beyond the simple informatization or automation processes
  • Smart reporting, incorporating traditional BI analytic elements, alarms, prediction models, etc
  • Models and segmentations: demand prediction, attrition, propension, value, etc
  • Portfolio allocation of the sales force
  • Comprehensive marketing management
  • Pricing simulator
Smart cities
  • Fraud detection and control in the expenditure of water and energy
  • Intelligent Pricing for parking lot networks and for the service of regulated parking
  • Optimization of public transport network schedules and routs
  • Control and assessment of the impact in air traffic quality and proposal for improvements
  • Take advantage of the new technologies of Big Data, IoT, GIS, Smart grid and others
Health analytics

Clinical team:

  • Optimization of triage protocols for treatments based on analytic criteria for patients
  • Experience the patient has with chronic illness / or for determined segments
  • Recommender of NBA (next best action) for the professionals
  • Prevention plans for high risk groups identified by analytic patterns

Executive Team:

  • Follow-up of intelligent activity, with prediction systems, alarms and recommendations
  • Improvement of processes for patient’s vision
  • Fraud and control detection / pharmaceutical expense management
  • Digitalization of contact points for patients and medical assistance
Citizen / Tourist analytics
  • Essential Citizen Card / tourist (including GIS and transportation services, leisure, healthcare, etc, with the possibility of incorporating wallet card functions)
  • Analysis of demand prediction for public services
  • Digitalization of your citizen contact points
The public sector can be a leader in digital transformation, Big Data and Machine Learning.
“At Cognodata we believe incorporating analytics, not just descriptive but predictive and even prescriptive, supported by the latest technologies and the IoT, will allow the administration and public institutions access to a superior management level of the citizen/customer/patient/tourist…”

Adriana García Roche
Business development Director for the Public sector practice and Marketing Director


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