The omnishopper has triggered major changes in the Retail industry. This technological evolution has resulted in exceeding the needs of today´s business and customers, generating the new Retail 4.0 based on:

  • Joining and blending the physical and digital channel
  • From multichanneling to omnichanneling
  • Experience of omnichannel shopping: showrooming and webrooming
  • Promotions that are more personalized and complete
  • Loyalty Programs with value contribution
  • Customized stores to create faster and more enjoyable shopping
  • Store Layout conceived for the customers not the distributor
  • Intelligent shopping carts
  • Fast and efficient Payment Types 
  • Dynamic and intelligent Prices
  • Product, promotions, stocks, information… on-line

Through knowledge acquired by Cognodata in the Retail sector, we are able to offer a wide selection of solutions and services, rated and oriented on the improvement of customers experience.


Identify the profitable target audience through profiles.

Develop engagement programs with rewards that go beyond points or general discounts, through the creation of a personalized shopping experience which recognizes each customer and gives a differential treatment.

To attract new customers requires leverage on a personalized omnichannel marketing that uses customer profile blending, loyalty programs, real time events and social interaction to provide customers the perfect shopping experience. In order to do this, it is necessary to redefine customer relationships, to move from reactive to proactive actions through different channels that remain embodied in the commercial plan:

  • Customer Program
  • Customers Experience (CX)
  • Customers Intelligence Journey (CIJ)
  • Segmentation
  • Commercial Plan

The use of our shopping cart analysis techniques and advanced prediction and simulation models, allows us to build recommendation engines, attaining the optimization of the main levers of the business in terms of price, promotions and inventory.

  • Optimization of stock assortment
  • Pricing
  • Promotion Analytics
  • Inventory management: unknown losses, out of stock and expiration date management for fresh products
  • Retail Link: Improvement of supplier management
  • Strategy design for brand manufacturer vs. distributer

In store digitization and Big Data provide a profound vision on in-store shopping behavior and enabling the optimization of commercial operations to boost brand value and the shopping experience:

  • Geolocalize your customers
  • Local marketing and digital signage
  • Point-of-sale (PoS) loyalty
  • Store Intelligence
  • Staff management

When we seek to satisfy the omnichannel customer with new offers of products or marketing promotions, it is necessary to deepen our knowledge of the customer through Machine Learning and algorithms that sustain recommendation engines in order to carry out the industrialization of customer management processes:

  • Marketing Studies
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • Media
  • Contact Center Management
New transformation of business models based on new analytic technologies and on the needs of the omnishopper.
“We are immersed in a business transformation pushed by the current capabilities of technological analytics, that set off in what we call Retail 4.0. Where the omnishopper requires a satisfactory experience in shopping interacting on all channels”

Daniel Encinas Oñate
Senior partner for the CPG, Retail and Utilities practice


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