The Telecom industry is going through a process of centralization, which also vouches for the convergence of landline, mobile, data and TV. In the process the main savings are derivative from, restructuring providers and working out the pertaining technical integrations.

Telecommunications in this constant evolution setting are confronted with new challenges, as much image towards the consumer as the release of new technologies, services and competition.

It is time to put profits in the limelight by focusing on the customers:

  • Profitable inside and outside information
  • Increase value offered to the customer base distinguishing your services from others
  • Develop new business models based on Machine Learning
  • Approach the customer as a family unit
  • Optimize available resources
  • Coordinate the several channels and synchronize them from the perspective, attention and experience of the customer
  • Optimize linkage
  • Improve loyalty

We offer you a set of solutions focused on your resources and cost effectiveness optimization, based on communications with the customer to increase their loyalty and the experience itself, through the differentiation of your services:

  • Identify the successful in store photo for the optimization of service
  • Monetization of information, both external and internal, for its analysis and exploitation
  • Approach the customer as a family unit
  • Increase value offered to the customer based on distinguishing your services from others
  • Design and implantation of an omnichannel strategy
  • Optimization of capabilities of the commercial network
  • Prevent customer defection and optimize loyalty

The market evolves quickly and we should be continuously adapting to keep moving forward.

  • Optimization of advertising investment
  • Use of advanced machine learning for event prediction in the life cycle
  • Generation of analytical environments for monetization of information
  • Sales network portfolio
  • In store success photo
Contact Center

Our experience in the industry has demonstrated the efficiency and profitability of working on customer contact based on three levers: agent training, target optimization and adequacy of the arguments. We help you at becoming more efficient:

  • Applied Machine Learning to commercial contacts optimization, improving answer and sales rates
  • Agent qualification
  • Generate an optimization of arguments, oriented to each customer and product
The time has come to focus on revenues and at Cognodata we help you achieve that
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