Travel & Leisure

Tourism in Spain, being one of the basic pillars of economy, is in a good position given the growth of the last few years. Now is a good time to optimize resources in direction of short and medium term growth.

We will help you reach your objectives by means of:

  • Optimize prices and occupancy with predictive models
  • Build costumer loyalty by the agency of better experiences
  • Optimal information from your customers
  • Examination of the market new niches in issuing countries
  • Structure collaboration with third parties

We need to continue adapting to the new customer needs and exceed their expectations.

  • Successful and innovative loyalty strategies and programs
  • Successful photo of the establishments
  • Optimization of the pricing strategy
  • Optimization of information feed and use
  • Spot new niches
  • Inter-sector coordination

The extreme competitively of the market on one side and the increase in passengers on the other makes the use of customer science fundamental for achieving airline goals.

  • Successful and innovate loyalty strategies and programs
  • Occupation optimization
  • Optimization of the pricing strategy
  • Optimization use and feeding information
  • Identification of new niches
  • Improve customer experience through Customer Journey before, during, and after the flight
  • Campaign Management
Travel and leisure

The environment has changed dramatically, we should adapt and lead the digital transformation of the industry.

  • Optimization of the pricing strategy
  • Optimization of information use and feeding
  • Identification of new niches
  • Channel management

The offer keeps growing and we should be able to differentiate ourselves from others by offering a value proposal that is attractive and clear for the customer.

  • Optimization of occupancy
  • Campaign management
  • Definition of strategies of marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Successful and innovative loyalty strategies and programs
  • Improve the experience of the customer

We help you to be present in the customer’s mind at that precise moment

  • Definition of ticketing strategies
  • Successful and innovative loyalty strategies and programs
  • Optimization of critical points on the Web
  • Campaign Management

The gaming industry lives the digital transformation intensely, at Cognodata we can help you take advantage.

  • Successful and innovative loyalty strategies and programs
  • Define a successful photo of casinos, bingos and other venues
  • Optimization of critical places on the Web
  • Optimization of revenues depending on the type of player, type of venue, etc
The optimization of incomes requires prediction and occupancy managing
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Alfredo Revuelta de Rojas
Socio del sector Telco, Media and Travel & Leisure

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