Utilities & Energy

SmartGrids are generating a great amount of data in the energy industry which companies are looking for ways to monetize.

Machine Learning allows us to create customer segmentations based on their consumption and their behavior, establishing patterns we can use when executing segmented and personalized promotions.

Smart Sales´ contribution is that it allows us to establish optimized sales forces based on the movements of the competition through any of the existent channels.

The proficiency and power of analytic capabilities for 15 years, allows Cognodata to offer specific solutions to the Utilities sector, based on experience on contrasted projects.

Marketing - Customer

The use of analytics plays a crucial role in the recruiting and retention of customers, by improving linkage and bolster profitable growth. Cognodata bestows solutions based on algorithms with Machine Learning and recommendation engines that allow management through events:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Segmentations by value
  • Propensity Models recruiting, retention, crossed sales of PSVA’s
  • Propensity for financing of products of air conditioning
  • Marketing Automation
  • Models of attribution and recommendation engines
  • Optimization of commercial management and conversion ratios by channel

Processes, protocols, attitudes and motivations change throughout time. Cognodata offers the possibility of developing a commercial model oriented to efficiency, simplifying processes, wagering on methodologies.

  • Market studies
  • Smart sales
  • Visualization and reporting
  • Tools CRM

A company possessing ample market intelligence has an advantage regarding its competitors. Analysis of the latest innovations and market trends are the order of the day. Cognodata´s analytics laboratories, with its multivariable analysis, allow the assessment of a certain product or expansion of a range of products.

  • Demand forecasting
  • Assortment
  • Pricing
  • Promotions
  • Retailers management
We have never before lived in a period with greater opportunities and risks in this industry under transformation
“The liberalization of the sector and the digitalization process have generated a change in customer onboarding and management, which we can only manage with analytic tools. The same happens with the use of alternative energies, opening new opportunities and business models for our customer management.”

Daniel Encinas Oñate
Senior partner for the CPG, Retail and Utilities practice


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