A new way to manage your customers

The axis of our value proposition is the application of Artificial Intelligence to Customer Science. We are in constant evolution, aligned to a market that is in total digital transformation.

We have specific and innovative solutions
focused on the Omnichannel management for Customers, Citizens and Persons, as well as B2B y B2C
Our focus
is global
so that it includes Machine Learning as strategyprocesses and organization
In Spain and LATAM we are leaders
in the application of the latest Machine Learning techniques, Big Data and digital transformation, with an emphasis in Deep Learning. We use the most innovative tools and techniques in project management such as Agile

Machine Learning

Over +500 projects endorse our application of Machine Learning techniques to our customers´ business growth. We obtain concrete and measurable results in optimal time.

We have our own tools and methodologies of Machine Learning to industrialize the new generation of algorithms with technologies of Big Data, R, Python, Spark, Scala, etc.

We place specific solutions at the disposal of our customers in accordance to each industry and well defined subsectors: banking, retail, SME banking, gas utilities, telecommunications, traditional and direct insurance, etc:

  • Customer intelligence platforms
  • Events platforms

We innovate with the latest technologies of Deep Learning through alliances with the University of California (USA) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Digital Sales

Our solutions allow our customers to optimize sales funnel in digital, as well as hybrid, environments enhancing results with Machine Learning techniques:

  • Customer journeys builder
    Promote sales identifying customer Moments of Truth and by improving the customer´s experience
  • Sales optimization in real time
    Based on factorial design experiment in different channels, with results measured in real time, which improve daily
  • Web reporting for the salesforce
    Based on the follow up activities and sales quality with tracking real time of leads and customers
  • Intelligent micro-targeting for programmatic advertizing
    Increases sales rate by identifying key segments
  • Customer portfolio intelligence tool
    Builds and simulates portfolios considering an omnichannel model of relationship with customers and optimized with Machine Learning

Marketing automation

Solutions for automation of repetitive marketing tasks, overcoming traditional limitations of data access, fragmented tools and obstacles to digitization of the business, instilling a customer vision, omnichanneling and realtime.

We lean on the different leading platform technologies in the market able to process data from multiple sources and to manage different channels in realtime, without having to give up segmentation and customizing actions.

Among others:

  • Sales funnel and onboarding
  • Design and development of customer experience
  • Blueprints of retail journeys, banking, insurance, etc.
  • Omnichannel, aligning salesforce with marketing and the new digital CRM
  • Operations Management of loyalty programs
  • Definition of a Marketing Strategy segmentation plan: which strategy/ segments/ actions/ channels
Our vision, to promote Customer Science leadership, sharing with customers our latest innovations in algorithms, tools and solutions