Extracting the value of data


Expert service in Analytics and Machine Learning development to prioritize commercial and operational actions based on an intelligent platform with specific data models according to the business industry.

We have built an Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning accelerator platform that allows us to streamline execution and inject our expertise:

  • Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

    Automates the execution of more than 100 types of business-and segment-specific machine learning models.

  • Industry specialization

    Integrating knowledge from more than 600 analytics projects to provide a blueprint of specialized model architecture by industry.

  • Cross-platform compatible

    Built to be consumed as a service that is adaptable to different analytics platforms and easily scalable.

  • Latest trends in Machine Learning

    Cutting-edge analytics applied to business with a multitude of algorithms in Python, Keras, H2O, XGBoost, TensorFlow and scikit-learn.

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Our solution

Cognomind allows the implementation of analytical models to be industrialized, prioritizing development according to the business objectives to be met and the initial degree of maturity.
  • We incorporate our know-how in each industry, ensuring the greatest business impact with specific proprietary data models.

  • The most advanced machine learning techniques are combined to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency of the models and ensure the best result for each one.

  • We rely on cognitive services from different cloud solutions (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) that allow us to establish OCR, NLP, speech analytics and computer vision processes, adapting them to our solution with transfer learning techniques that help us to deploy in very short timeframes.

  • Development of high-value solutions
    Optimizers and simulators of business impact. Creation of embedded Analytics solutions

  • Exploiting data through analytics
    Development of tangible, scalable and high-impact ML/AI Models

  • Data guidelines and policies
    Data management with an industry and technical business focus. We assist our clients in all aspects of Data Governance and Data Management.

  • Extraction and convergence to enable coexistence in the cloud
    Data sourcing and convergence in a Big Data environment ideal for exploiting the data (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.)

  • No Data Value

Cognodata has a proven methodology that ensures measurable economic return by leveraging data.

We cover the entire natural process of developing digital solutions and predictive models according to the MLOps methodology, speeding up development as well as the quality and robustness of the entire process, which allows us to make more than 20 years of experience available to the user with specific data models according to the business industry.

To facilitate the industrialization of model development, we propose the use of Machine Learning process accelerators that are easily exportable to the client environment, as well as methodologies that have been tested in multiple projects.

  • Synthesizer of knowledge

    We accumulate, recast and consolidate the knowledge of more than 600 machine learning models from different industries.

  • Agile model development

    We automate the main phases of model development, ensuring robustness, results and rigor in all the processes involved.

  • Industrialisation of processes

    We automate the main phases of model development, ensuring robustness, results and rigour in all the processes involved.

  • Automated documentation

    We have automatic documentation generators to standardize results and make them easy to review by any member of the team.


Cognodata adapts the agile methodology to the development of Machine/Deep learning algorithms, ensuring progress is incremental, measurable and iterative.

  • To make the results obtained more efficient and robust, our planning is based on 3-4 week sprints in which a complete model development cycle is carried out..

  • We work with mixed teams composed of Data Scientists trained in the latest trends who have specific knowledge of the industry.

  • We accompany each delivery with a prescription of actions to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the final product.

  • With a special focus on Data Quality, we implement analytics processes to enhance data quality by providing our own methodologies, accelerators and blueprints.

  • Our Machine learning + Hyperparameter optimization methodology allows for the selection of the optimal hyperparameters for each algorithm, prioritizing those that are most critical.

  • Our involvement in other projects ensures value-adding occurs early and in an agile manner.

With the Cognomind platform we accelerate the development of predictive models by being at the forefront of machine/deep learning techniques.