Sostenibilidad Cognodata

At Cognodata we want to be an example

As the world moves forward, it is vital to consider the impact our actions have on the planet. At Cognodata we know that every decision we make affects our future and that is why we work to leave a positive footprint for new generations through a program and management model of ethical, responsible and sustainable performance.

Our commitments

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    Sustainable Business Growth

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    Professional development of our employees

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    Progress of the Company

The commitment to sustainable management affects the various areas of Cognodata across the board and requires commitment and monitoring by all members involved in the Company.

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Basic Operational Principles

To carry out our commitments, we have integrated sustainable development objectives (SDGs) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) into our operations and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) awareness values into our strategy.

  • Objetivos económicos Economic objectives
  • Protección medioambiental Environmental protection
  • Responsabilidad social Personas Social responsibility/People
  • Compromiso ético y responsable Ethical and responsible commitment

It's not what we say or think that defines us, it's what we do.

Jane Austen

Our Actions


We have adopted measures to prevent and control pollution, comply with current environmental legislation, control the use of energy and chemical products, prioritize the use of recycled paper and properly manage the waste generated in our activity.

Prevention and control of pollution, using practices, materials or products that prevent, reduce or control it.

Application of environmental legislation and regulations to our activity.

Control in the use of energy with the adoption of measures such as LED lights, timers and thermostats specific to each area.

Control in the use of chemical products and consumables (contracting suppliers specialized in the management and replacement of consumables used in the organization, guaranteeing their recycling and correct handling and/or destruction).

Prioritize the use of recycled paper in printing and copying jobs, as well as encourage the use of digital scanning of documents to reduce the general use of stationery.

We set up specific and limited spaces to conserve and store frequently used chemical products.

We conserve and store the little waste we generate in our activity (toner, paper, computer scrap, etc.) until third parties, specialized and registered for this purpose, collect, transfer and destroy them periodically.


We have adopted measures to promote respect for human rights, the promotion and internal training of our employees for their professional development and talent retention, work-life balance, safe and healthy work environments, equality and the prevention of harassment.

Promote respect for the fundamental human rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the guiding principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Promote internal promotion and talent retention as a fundamental pillar of competitiveness.

Promote the training of our employees in line with the needs of the sector, as one of the basic pillars for their professional development.

Promote non-discrimination, prevention of harassment, commitment to equal opportunities and respect for diversity, also favoring the social integration of groups at risk of exclusion.

Promote and ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Meet the needs of our employees in terms of work-life balance.

To supervise and ensure due compliance with the regulations that apply to Cognodata in this area.


We have adopted measures to ensure and act ethically and responsibly, raise awareness, train and involve Cognodata managers, employees and collaborators, establish prevention mechanisms and monitor and ensure due compliance with regulations.

Creation of a sustainability code (policy), approved by senior management and reviewed periodically.

In order to make our policy and our commitment effective, we have appointed a person responsible for the sustainability code (CSR) to monitor, implement and update it, and to provide support to the people and entities involved in its compliance.

To ensure and act ethically, responsibly and with due observance of the legislation and regulatory framework that applies to Cognodata in all its activities and operations.

Raise awareness, communicate and train all Cognodata managers, employees and collaborators in matters of Ethical and Responsible behavior, Code of Ethics and internal action protocols.

Establish mechanisms to prevent actions contrary to the commitment to ethical and responsible behavior and, in particular, the development of anti-corruption procedures, prevention of money laundering and other crimes within the scope of the Entity’s operations.

To supervise and ensure due compliance with the regulations. that apply to Cognodata in this area.

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Proof of our commitment to sustainability we reflect the requirements of our sustainability certificate.

  • Desarrollo-de-Codigos-y-politicas_circulo
    Development of Codes and policies

    Sustainability code, equality and harassment prevention, occupational risk prevention, ethics and regulatory compliance, anti-corruption and environmental management and control.

  • Sistema-interno-de-Informacion-SIIF_circulo
    Internal Information System (SIIF):

    We have an internal information system and complaints channel that complies with regulations and guarantees independence, confidentiality, registration, communication and protection. We attend to those involved through protocols and mechanisms for action and follow-up.

  • Comunicacion_circulo

    Communication plan aimed at our employees and third parties, as well as a commitment to follow up on the principles required by our customers.

  • Buen-gobierno-_circulo
    Good governance

    We have procedures and accreditation of diligence and our Board of Directors / Management Committee are involved in the execution and supervision of the sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management model.

  • Formacion_circulo

    We have an internal training program specialized in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ESG codes.

  • Seguimiento-y-actualizacion_circulo
    Monitoring and updating

    Our annual supervision and control plan ensures the proper implementation, monitoring and updating of the sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.