Improving customer experience


An advanced, customizable and scalable omnichannel communications service oriented towards sales and Customer Experience. A new dimension of Marketing Automation.

Cognospace combines advanced technologies with collaboratively managed services that optimize the complex lifecycle of commercial actions, aligning business objectives with the generation and launching of the most relevant content in terms of time, channel and context.

The result is a better user experience, lower operational costs and increased sales and margins.

  • Business objectives

    Customer profitability. Different industries and company dimensions.

  • Marketing Automation

    An interactive service at the design, execution and measurement layer.

  • Best practices

    Methodologies and frameworks with an extensive history in campaign operation, business systems and AI.

  • Salesforce Strategic Partners

    We have developed a Centre of Excellence specializing in leveraging marketing and CRM capabilities.

  • Machine learning

    Optimization and anticipation.

Discover our vision


    An interactive service at the Design, Execution and Measurement layer

    Cognospace uses sophisticated interactions to collaboratively design, execute and measure the commercial management that best fits the marketing plan and business objectives.

    The application allows for customer segmentation and the planning of all types of commercial actions (campaigns, loyalty plans, etc.) with careful design of creative elements and consumer/buyer journeys, achieving maximum customer satisfaction with relevant information while avoiding saturation.

    To achieve this, artificial intelligence techniques are combined with the industry experience of dedicated staff, which allows us to simulate results and prioritize according to the potential commercial impact of each target customer.

    During execution, the service is not only omnichannel, but is able to coordinate consistency across channels by controlling journeys, loyalty programs and optimized communications delivery, using an in-house system or other external messaging managers.

    Cognospace measures and analyzes the execution of the campaign in real time, using detailed dashboards to report any type of incident or relevant information: business metrics (ROI calculation), benchmarks, KPIs, statistics, people analytics, etc. Offering the possibility of reporting in real time on the progress, results and necessary calculations derived from the proposal offered in the commercial action in progress.

    Increases profitability, satisfaction and customer engagement

    Cognospace makes interactions with consumers relevant in time, channel and context, thus increasing end customer satisfaction and engagement, and consequently benchmarking (campaign success KPIs), identifying the best way to attract new customers and maximize sales.

    The service integrates business intelligence, which offers the possibility of designing strategies and commercial actions (marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, etc.) adapted to each company, as it is able to provide validated experiences in different sectors, sizes and types of customers.


    An easily integrated and scalable SaaS service platform

    The platform combines Salesforce capabilities and technology with Cognodata’s proprietary evolutionary software developments (agile methodologies). This union significantly increases the power of the cloud marketing experience: cross-platform workflows integrated with agency, intelligence and decision committees; priority and saturation controls; etc. These developments can be integrated with other technologies, customer and business data, other commercial tools, different channels, payment gateways, etc.

    Cognospace is constantly evolving and innovating, learning from each commercial experience, paying attention to the latest technologies in the market, adapting to the needs of each client and constantly improving process efficiency. This allows each of our clients to take advantage of state-of-the-art Marketing Cloud technologies, co-developing tools that make a real difference and improve their competitiveness.

    A reliable and efficient outsourcing service

    Cognospace is integrated into the digital transformation strategies of companies, providing applications in the cloud and eliminating infrastructure costs. A dedicated team at the Cognodata offices work closely with the client on an as-needed basis. The service enables powerful digital interaction through comprehensive dashboards and approval workflows throughout the entire sales action lifecycle, including the design, management and maintenance of the CRM, as if Cognospace were a department within your organization.

    Cognospace is marketed with full service level agreements (SLAs) and strict compliance with new and evolving requirements.

    cognospace_Servicio en outsourcing, fiable y eficiente
    • Prioritization of commercial actions by profitability and other KPIs

    • Campaign laboratory for action optimization

    • Optimization of channels and contact strategies

    Optimization based on Machine Learning

    Campaign laboratory for action Cognospace has a campaign lab that optimizes all the steps of commercial actions through data analysis and processing. In addition, it compares experiences and results from prior campaigns to make future campaigns more effective. For this, it uses advanced Deep Learning techniques, Data Mining, Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data tools generated by Cognodata.

    The service is leveraged on predictive models based on state-of-the-art Machine Learning technologies, with analytical feedback where Cognodata – as a strategic consultant – provides business and market information, taking the Marketing Automation concept to the next level.