Acquiring business reinvented


An Active Management Tool powered by Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation, designed and developed specifically for the acquiring business.


years managing multichannel marketing campaigns and customer relationships to improve profitability and customer engagement, which has evolved to the use of the leading marketing automation platforms.


years developing solutions to optimize the acquiring and payments business at leading financial institutions in Europe and LATAM.


years at the forefront of Machine Learning solutions for business processes improvement built on large volumes of data, ultimately evolving to the most advanced Deep Learning and AI Automation techniques.

Machine Learning and Marketing Automation-based optimization

Cognopay has a business-adapted data model, on which we have built a blueprint of intelligent KPIs (potential, propensities, unlinking, SoW,etc.) and a set of journeys to automate typical acquiring business campaigns (optimizing the onboarding of new customers, improving price conditions, or offering new products).

The digital payments industry is more about data than transaction fees. We present Cognopay as the Artificial Intelligence-powered global platform for the acquiring business and digital payments data, and the leader in generating payment data monetization.

Artificial Intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption. The adoption of AI is radically changing the rules of the game and new players are emerging with new data-driven business models. The digital payment industry is just one of the sectors that must take advantage of this revolution. Certain global players have realized that the payment industry is soon to focus on monetizing payment data and, therefore, are investing in transforming their businesses into AI-powered data companies.

Cognopay provides acquiring and digital payments companies with a modern and holistic data layer which serves to help them understand their business and implement real-time actions based on that intelligence.

  • Built from the perspective of business improvement based on data analytics, Cognopay provides a set of applications and processes designed to act efficiently to optimize revenue, make costs more efficient and improve regulatory compliance.

  • Take your management model to the next level, where the impact on the business can be seen in days or weeks instead of months or years.

  • Anticipate the behaviors of your client portfolio and be able to act at the right time through the best channel to achieve the desired results.

  • Incorporate advanced and proven Artificial Intelligence and machine learning functionalities to substantially improve key processes in this sector, such as those related to fraud analysis, money laundering analysis and pricing.

  • Provide your merchant clients with powerful vertical marketing services to improve their own businesses and help them boost the efficiency of their finances.


Key Challenges for businesses

Do I have a clear picture of the signature to revenue journey performance?  Am I in control of the installation funnel?

Is the operational and compliance risk under control?

How can I predict risk and opportunities in the business and act on them efficiently?

Are my distribution channels applying the pricing policy correctly? Am I using the best pricing policy for each situation?

How did my KPIs and SLAs behave yesterday?

Do I have a holistic view of the profitability of my portfolio? Am I focusing on the best distribution channels?

Meet our vision

    • 1

      Overall business management

      Allows the main business activity indicators to be followed, taking a deep dive to the required level of detail to identify alternatives for improvement.

    • 2

      Compliance analysis

      Creates a merchant score and generates alerts based on transactionality according to predefined parameters.

    • 3

      Risk management

      Compares real merchant activity against expected activity for onboarding and historical track record combined with chargeback volume, generating alerts upon significant deviations.

    • 4

      Pricing analysis

      Allows for the control of price application to merchants, their adjustment to the pricing policy and the approval of exemptions.

    • 5

      Marketing Automation and Machine Learning

      Adds predefined Machine Learning Analytics and Customer Journeys to improve the business.

    Developed from a business perspective

    Built for more than 10 years with leading acquirers, according to real requirements and solving real problems. 50+ real business cases included.

    All-in-one solution

    No need for specific solutions for each business area.

    Includes solutions for business management and monitoring, pricing optimization, customer onboarding, compliance analysis and fraud detection.

    AI to help merchants improve their business

    Powerful tools enabling the merchant to analyze its transactionality, including OpenData feeds like traffic, weather, points of interest, events, etc. Recommendations service based on analytics.

    Complete data integration

    Allows integration with all relevant data providers via API interfaces.

    Conceptualized for any payment method managed by the acquirer.

    Predictive and prescriptive services

    Broad suite of Machine Learning Algorithms to improve business metrics (churn, engagement, etc.).

    AI optimization for processes like pricing, compliance and fraud analysis.

    Flexible, modular design

    Modular design both from the point of view of data integration and the services or applications installed. Fully configurable user interface based on widgets.