Raúl García Monclús
CEO and Senior partner of the Financial Services and Insurance practice

Founding Partner and member of the Board of Directors, leading the practice of Customer Science for the Financial Services and Insurance industries. He has helped multinational financial institutions to significantly improve their profitability, defining segmented systematic strategies for sales, in addition to developing customer intelligence systems and tools for marketing and sales support.

His most notable achievements include:

Establishing partner relationships with 5 of the top 20 global banks
Successfully implementing innovative methods to improve sales efficiency, increase the profitability of marketing campaigns, segment pricing management and improve customer satisfaction
A key figure in Cognodata´s growth of 22% TACC, and for internationalization in Europe, LATAM and the EU
Founding Partner of the Cognodata Group along with the creation of Tinámica and the MBIT school

Before making the professional leap to Cognodata, he worked for The Boston Consulting Group on business strategy projects within the banking and telecommunications industries. Prior to that, he built his professional career in the Business Intelligence sector in Argentina and England.

Raúl has an MBA from INSEAD, a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering from the U.P.C., realizing specific collaborations with IE.

I have always believed that passion and persistence can change the world and it was the sensation of creating that motivated me to found Cognodata. Today I am motivated by talent, human quality and the determination of professionals, along with a resolution to capitalize on analytics to improve people’s lives as well as their shopping and service experiences.