Digital strategy: the importance of applying big data and data science

28 de November de 2023

Did you know that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years? But what good is so much data without being able to analyse it? Data science is the key science for studying data from big data. Thus, a digital strategy must be supported by data science in order to develop successfully. In this article, we want to define some important concepts in relation to big data and data science and reveal the possibilities of applying these sciences to digital strategy.

The importance of big data and data science in digital strategy

There is a lot of talk today about big data and how essential it is to have it in digital strategy. And no wonder: big data is a huge set of data waiting to be analysed. Every click on a website, every like on a social network, every form that is filled out online, every ebook that is downloaded… All digital actions leave a trace and big data is responsible for storing it and making it available to companies for analysis. However, there are 3 types of big data that are important to consider:

Types of big data

Smart data

Smart data focuses on information related to the business and the achievement of business objectives, both online and offline.

Identity data

Identity data is the type of big data that helps us to identify customers, both current and potential customers. Valuable information such as users’ tastes, their buying habits, their history in relation to the company… allow us to create a digital strategy based on personalisation.

Open data

Open data focuses on all open data, such as free software, open access or open source archives…

Data science

Data science is the science of analysing the data collected by big data. It is necessary to store, prioritise, organise and polish the information that a company receives and for this it is essential to have experts in data science to carry out the digital strategy. Thus, data science:

  • oversees and protects an organisation’s data
  • analyses the data to get the most out of it
  • helps to streamline digital strategy decision making

Reasons to apply data science in digital strategy

Collecting data and analysing it has a huge impact on a company’s sales and marketing performance, as well as the overall performance of the organisation. Is it worth making the move to big data and data science? The answer is emphatically yes, for the following reasons:

  • Analysing data helps in digital strategy planning and in detecting market trends.
  • Big data enables the creation of personalised, customer-centric digital marketing strategies.
  • Sciences such as deep learning make it possible to predict customer propensity and analyse customer behaviour.
  • Data science offers the possibility to help in the creation of customer segments, based on customer behaviour or user typology, for example.
  • Data analysis offers possibilities of maximum precision, such as the ability to make decisions in real time, with the consequent savings in resources that this implies.
  • Thanks to the analysis of information, the data scientist is able to detect the possible loss of a customer and be able to react in time, creating the necessary action.

After this small analysis of concepts, it is clear that the inclusion of big data changes the current business paradigm and makes data science gain prominence to achieve new objectives in digital strategy. All this without forgetting the potential of a very young science: what will the future of big data hold for us?

At Cognodata we realised almost 20 years ago that the future of marketing and sales was in the digital world and, therefore, today we can provide solutions to companies: from the creation of predictive models to the implementation of a digital strategy based on technology.