Interview Ixhel Acosta

Interview Ixhel Acosta – Mexico Employee of the Year

29 de March de 2023

For Cognodata, the people who make up the team are very important. That is why, every year, we make a special recognition to the employee of the year both in Mexico and Spain.

Congratulations to Ixhel Acosta 𝘆 Oscar Chamache Cachique who are the 2022 winners. Through this interview we wanted to introduce you a little better to Ixhel Acosta, who works in the Human Resources department in Mexico.



Ixhel, we wanted to start the interview by congratulating you and asking you how you feel about being chosen as the best employee of the year by the Mexico Team.

I feel very happy. I was in shock when it was announced at the Kick off. I am very excited because it was something I did not expect.


To get to know you better, could you tell us about your role at Cognodata?

I am in the human resources and administration area in Mexico. We are in charge of the administrative management (invoicing, payments, vacation verification, payroll, sick leave management…), the recruitment area (interviews, personnel selection,…) as well as carrying out the organizational culture in Mexico to keep the team together. I am also supporting Verónica del Toral, who is in charge of the area here in Mexico.


It is very broad what you cover. Taking into account that situation and knowing that all positions have challenges, in your case, could you give us some advice on how to face those challenges?

Well, I think the secret is not to give up, no matter how difficult you find any activity. Also to have confidence and perseverance. Veronica showed a lot of confidence in me when I started working with her, and if other people trust you, then I can trust myself. I think the main keys would be to face challenges, do your research, ask questions, ask for help and don’t stop, even if it is difficult at the beginning.


Could you tell us something about your experience in Cognodata?

Well, it has been wonderful, and the truth is that I loved the atmosphere and the willingness to help each other, despite the distance or the time difference. And that’s just how I have continued to learn and that’s what I like.

I try to help as much as I can and look for solutions for everything.


It’s a great experience, to continue to grow and for colleagues to help each other. In this past year, what could you say you have learned about yourself?

In the beginning I had a hard time trusting myself and was hesitant, but I have learned over time to trust myself and what I do, as well as how to react to mistakes.


What would be the most gratifying thing about your work in this year of recognition?

The most rewarding thing is that people come to me when they have a problem or a question, whether it’s the senior people or the interns. To me, everyone is equally important. I feel happy because it means that I am doing something right so that others can trust me.


What do you think you bring to teamwork and what does the team bring to your job performance?

I think what I bring is a new way of doing things, new ideas and a more creative approach that they are open to adopting and implementing to do things differently.

What they bring to me is a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. I am constantly learning new things, which is what I like the most.


How do you see yourself in five years’ time at Cognodata?

Well, I would hope to grow within human resources and, with more experience, give more support to the team, train other people in the area, be involved in its growth, promote the seedbed program, which I was part of and which is something that I found fascinating for the opportunity it offers.


And could you give us some advice to all of us who want to stand out in our work?

I think you have to be open to ask questions about everything. Although there are people who find it hard to let go a little bit more, the advice is to trust, because asking is the key.

My mom used to tell me “there are no dumb questions, only fools who don’t ask”.

The people at Cognodata give you that openness and help you solve all your doubts and I think that is something we should take advantage of.

Also to have initiative and use the tools we have. I think that in order to stand out, not only you stand out, but also your whole team. I am recognized as employee of the year, but I feel that this recognition belongs to everyone, for their help and advice. You are not working for yourself, you are working for a whole team. I think that’s the key.


Thank you for bringing us a little closer to next year’s nomination! How would you like to end this interview?

I would like to thank you all for the award, which is something I am still assimilating. I didn’t think that in such a short time I could create such an impact on people.

The award is not mine but everyone’s and I would like to share this recognition with the human resources area and with all of Cognodata Mexico. Thank you all for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to continue learning and developing.