Cognodata, part of the Audensiel group, signs project with telecommunications giant in Mexico

14 de February de 2024

Cognodata has successfully completed a new project with the leading telecommunications service provider in Mexico, consolidating its position as a key player in the transformation of the sector. This project represents a significant step forward, not only in the expansion of Cognodata’s expertise in the sector, but also in the growth and international development of Audensiel in Mexico. Thanks to the strategic alliance with Cognodata, Audensiel accelerates its global expansion and consolidates its strategic position in the Data and Artificial Intelligence business areas, offering a wide range of SaaS solutions.

The partnership with the telecommunications leader builds on the company’s confidence in the Salesforce platform, with the aim of enhancing the customer experience. Cognodata, backed by its experience and expertise, plays a crucial role in leading the implementation of this ambitious initiative.

The strategy aims to integrate various communication channels – including email, SMS, push notifications and WhatsApp – into a single, efficient platform. This integration promises an unprecedented customer experience, aligning all touchpoints into a cohesive and accessible ecosystem.

“We are delighted to be able to support this new telecommunications client in its strategy to implement an innovative tool”. Raúl García, CEO and partner of Cognodata, expresses his enthusiasm.

This project not only demonstrates Cognodata and Audensiel’s commitment to innovation and customer service, but also highlights their ability as a group to adapt and lead in digital transformation.

The main advantage of this partnership lies in the improved agility and efficiency in decision making, thanks to the unification of all communication channels. This end-to-end approach benefits all aspects of the service – operational, marketing and customer service – optimising performance and end-user satisfaction. Cognodata is committed to accompanying and reinforcing this strategy, ensuring that the client delivers the best internet service in Mexico.

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